Personalization Techniques

We are able to decorate & personalize crystal products using a variety of different techniques, this is often determined by the artwork or the engraving area of the product.

We offer the following personalization techniques.


Sandblast engraving is a process that gives a frosted finish with the design or wording etched into the surface of the crystal or glass.
Engraving is the roughening of a selected area by directing a high pressure, high speed stream at the surface of the award. As the grains of abrasive hit the selected area,
a "frosted" effect is produced. This imprint method gives your personalization more depth and greater dimension.


UV Color Imprint can be used to reproduce full colour photographs, company logos and wording.
Imprinting is achieved by transferring a film onto a crystal surface by using UV lighting.
Unlike Colorfill, which only allows a single color to be applied into the etching, this method creates a full-colored transparent effect.
It can only be used on flat products.


We are able to offer a variety of colours that can be used to infill the sandblast engraving on the crystal and glass products.


Sub surface laser engraving can be used to recreate 2D or 3D images that are suspended in the middle of the flawless optical crystal gift or award.
Logos and text will always be imprinted as 2-dimensional images.